ArtSurround Program

Artists and Advocates attended the 2022 ArtSurround creative placemaking training in June 2022

About the Program

ArtSurround is a new collaborative effort, launched in early 2022, among the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to enhance Sonoma County’s creative vitality by supporting artists and infusing the arts into our public realm. The program engages businesses and public agencies that endeavor to enhance community livability through the arts, and fosters public imagination by supporting artists who work at the intersection of inspiration and effective community arts engagement. This program engages two different cohorts:  an Artist Cohort and an Advocate Cohort, who will work on parallel tracks to increase community arts engagement across Sonoma County.

The Advocate Cohort includes staff from cities, towns, arts organizations and businesses who will engage with artists to incorporate their work into public spaces. Art projects will be designed to engage the surrounding neighborhoods and communities in creative processes as the art works are developed.

The Artist Cohort is open to Sonoma County artists interested in developing skills and best practices in their own public art and community engagement work. The artists receive training and then are invited to develop proposals for Advocate’s sites. The artist projects are funded by Creative Sonoma and its partners. Details on how to apply to the Artist Cohort Training and Grant are at

At the end of first cycle of ArtSurround, it is anticipated that a dozen or more public art projects will have been produced by Artist Cohort members in multiple communities throughout Sonoma County.

2022-2023 Artist Projects

As projects are installed and take place, they are listed on the ArtSurround Projects webpage. Visit the page HERE.

Watch for projects in your community tagged #ArtSurround through June 2023!  

2022-2023 Artists

To read the original projects proposed and accepted by each of the artists, visit the ArtSurround Training and Grants webpage HERE

NOTE:  Due to varying circumstances, some artist and advocate pairings may change during the project development. Visit the ArtSurround Projects page for the finalized details for each project. 

2022-2023 Advocate Sites

The press release announcing the 2022 ArtSurround Projects is available HERE.