Entrepreneurs.  Innovators.  Interpreters of life’s jagged edges and silken pathways.  Soothsayers and sorcerers.  These words and more define the creative individuals who have chosen Sonoma as their home.  Explore their methods and mediums in these pages and be inspired.

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Christopher Alexander
Dani Burlison
Bob Canning
Mari Capon
Ron Carter
Leilani Clark
Jason Cool
Toby Daniels
Kirk Demorest
Patricia Dines
Deborah Eliezer
Kate Foley-Beining
Ernesto Garay
Kelly Gray
Ehme Haas
Jackie Huss Hallerberg
Elizabeth Carothers Herron
Christine Hourscht
Jen Hyde
Sarah Hylton
Amanda Janik
Maya Khosla
Chelsea Rose Kurnick
Angela Lam
Joy Lanzendorfer