Entrepreneurs.  Innovators.  Interpreters of life’s jagged edges and silken pathways.  Soothsayers and sorcerers.  These words and more define the creative individuals who have chosen Sonoma as their home.  Explore their methods and mediums in these pages and be inspired.

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Jonqui Albin
Nicole Irene Anderson
Richard Arata
Monica Bryant
Cade Burkhammer
Reena Burton
Patti Buttitta
Merisha Clark
Marsha Connell
Diana Corvelle
Toby Daniels
Ruth Donovan
Simmon Factor
Kate Foley-Beining
Lauren Forcella
Anna Friesen
Philip Thomas George
Bill Gittins
Deborah Gray
Brent Gudzus
Ehme Haas
C. Pat Haley
Alan Hall
Chris Henry
Chris Henry