Entrepreneurs.  Innovators.  Interpreters of life’s jagged edges and silken pathways.  Soothsayers and sorcerers.  These words and more define the creative individuals who have chosen Sonoma as their home.  Explore their methods and mediums in these pages and be inspired.

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Christopher Frost
Lisa Damico and Gena Richman
Philip Thomas George
Scott Gibson
Julie Gieseke
Bill Gittins
Annette Goodfriend
Linda Goodman
Deborah Gray
Brent Gudzus
Ehme Haas
Jude Haig
C. Pat Haley
Alan Hall
John Harden
Blanca Harnwell
Peter Hassen
Ash Hay
Denis Hazlewood
Dustin Heald
Rachael Heim
Chris Henry
Christine Hourscht
Lindsay Hunter
Makayla Hunziker