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Adrian Susnea Litman

Recovery Fund Grantee; Visual Arts
Adrian Susnea Litman


Born in 1948, I started to learn about art at a very early age, playing with colors and art materials in my father’s Art Design and Restoration studio.

In 1963, I was accepted in the Fine Arts High School N. Tonitza in Bucharest, Romania where I studied art techniques including drawing, painting, graphics, engraving, sculpture, fresco, mosaic and ceramics.

After finishing the Fine Art High School, I attended the University of Bucharest Art Institute, graduating in 1974 with a Masters degree in Graphic Arts Design.

Since 1980, after relocating to California, I worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area until 2003 when I retired from the corporate world and started Adrian Litman Architectural Art & Design Studio.

I create artwork for Civic, Business and Private clients, including custom paintings, murals, frescoes, mosaics, sculptures, stained glass panels, fountains and wall treatments, all of which facilitate the harmonious integration of art with architecture.
Many of my projects include acoustical components made of recycled materials especially for public places with high traffic, like libraries, large offices and public buildings.