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Alan Hall

Music: Composition, Instrumental; Teacher/Instructor; Visual Arts: Mixed, Painting, Photography, Printmaking
Alan Hall

Alan Hall

Musician, Composer, Drummer, Mixed-Media Artist, Band Leader of “Ratatet”

I started my life as a professional drummer at 13 years, a visual artist 20 years later, now I’m also an active composer and band leader of my own neo-jazz sextet, Ratatet.

In addition to being an active performer and artist, I teach drum lessons, workshops and ensembles at schools and Jazz camps throughout the Bay Area. My teaching is based at California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley and Cal State East Bay in Hayward.

My art work is in several private collections on East and West coasts and can be viewed at my art website:

My compositions can be heard at and

Music and Visual Art are two different modes of expressions for me. Both seem to function as positive feedback loops for me, and I hope, others. I’m striving to integrrate the two art forms in both a personal and social context.


  • The title track from Ratatet\'s debut CD, \"ARCTIC\"-by Alan Hall

  • \"Returning\" by Aan Hall, from \"Arctic\" on Ridgeway Records. Featuring Paul McCandless-oboe, Paul Hanson-bassoon, Joseph Hebert-cello, Jeff Denson-acoustic bass, Dillon Vado-vibraphone, Johnathan Alford-keyboards