Creative Sonoma

Anna Friesen

Visual Arts: Mixed, Painting, Photography
Anna Friesen


My work is about the cycle of formation, birth, lifespan, death, and decay; a process I am experiencing; a process in motion in the feathers, shells, and leaves which I am attracted to pick up.

I elevate what is usually stepped on to the status of treasured artifact and create awareness of our collective emotional and physical experience. I am interested in exploring the life-giving force of the arts in my own life, as well in the life of others.

Five years ago I moved to Sonoma County from Huntington Beach, California. My art activities there included:  Individual Artist Grant from Arts Orange County to produce and exhibit large-scale banners which combined original photos and Polaroid lift images of my drawings; participate as artist and Installation group leader in Judy Chicago/Donald Sutherland-led  project, “Imagining the Future,” Pomona, CA; exhibit at John Wayne Airport’s Community Showcase; invited artist, Huntington Beach Art Center, “City Reimagine”, curator: D. D’angelo.

March, 2017 I was in a 2-person exhibit at LA ArtCore’s Brewery Annex Gallery in Los Angeles.  February, 2018 I was one of 50 international artists in an artist exchange program with Thailand’s Ministry of Culture. We exhibited, lectured and created artwork at cultural and educational institutions in Southern Thailand.

Other involvement in the arts includes:  teaching art history-based after school art, arts administration, and serving on the City of Huntington Beach’s Allied Arts Board.


  • Lush Rust Leaf 30"x40" acrylic on canvas