Creative Sonoma

Arthur Westley Waligora

Literature: Poetry; Visual Arts: Illustration, Painting
Arthur Westley Waligora



I’m originally from Massachusetts, my father and uncle were painters.  Until five years of age, I thought the smell of paint and paintbrush cleaners was normal.  I later started drawing and making command centers for my GI Joes. Fast forward a few classes at the local art museum and opting to go to the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale I found myself designing for toy companies and corporations. I have always been drawn to Native American Culture and the majesty, freedom, and reverence for nature that they have.  I went to my first Pow Wow and took some photos of the event which gave me my reference material for a few paintings, and graphite drawings. I have never really taken myself, or my talent seriously to the public. I write poetry in my spare time and am currently collecting some reference materials for a new collection of paintings. This will be my first real application of myself with my abilities. I thank you for taking the time to read.

Cheers, Arthur



  • \\"Hunter\\" 36\\" x 24\\" Graphite