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Audette Sophia

Multi-Media; Performance Art; Face Painting
Audette Sophia


I am a human décor artist & fantasy stylist with 15 years professional face paint experience, a lifetime dedicated to the magic & power of creativity.
I got a B.A. in Integrative Arts which was essentially a roundabout holistic tour of the Arts as they intersect with different aspects of self & society. It gave me a lot of ideals about the great potential of the arts but didn’t set me on a path to making a living from it. That took dabbling & experimentation & a colorful winding path through teaching & performance & production & entrepreneurship until I was finally able to craft a biz that could both keep my interest & pay the bills.
So I spend much of my time as ladyboss of  Catalyst Arts Entertainment.
I still do face paint & body art regularly & am available for events of all kinds.
Body Art Credentials: 
Got my Face Paint ‘Degree’ from Kids Birthday Party Bootcamp (2005-still do some now)
Airbrushing on skin since about 2010 (+ pretty ridiculous stencil collection)
Conventions ‘Resume’ :
2012- Face Paint convention in Las Vegas
2013 IMATS (as assistant to Trina Merry) & also was runner up for SF Raw Artists ‘makeup artist of the year’
2014 & 2016- attended the World Body Painting Festival in Austria including the weeklong Academy
2017- Fabaic Convention in Florida
2018- Daylong workshop with Pashur + I taught 5 Body Art Workshops at Catalyst Studios
2019- La Fete Convention in New Orleans
2020- Spring Fling Henna Convention


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