Creative Sonoma

Bill Gittins

Recovery Fund Grantee; Visual Arts: Painting
Bill Gittins



Widely recognized for his vibrant “Colorist” oil paintings, Bill Gittins has logged many hours capturing the beauty of his surroundings in colorful, textural excellence.

Painting both en plein air and in studio, his paintings are a visual delight; filled with robust, clean hues and distinctive dynamic brush and palette knife work. With a Colorist style that blends traditional with impressionism, and an impasto-like application, his superior handling of the medium results in paintings that convey complexity and movement.

As the viewer, you will experience each new discovery for yourself, and be immersed in the moments that captured Bill’s attention. Taking his cues primarily from the elements of Land, Water and Sky, Bill challenges himself to transform his subjects from vistas remote and unaccustomed, to enticing scenes, immanent and familiar. Offering an invitation to enjoy and to feel at-home, each painting beckons you to linger and find welcomed repose.

As a metaphor, pathways, and waterways, often leading you into Bill’s work are an artistic element of his process, rich in symbolism and intrigue. Embarking on each piece, he sees his palette as the trailhead for the adventure that awaits the viewer. As he departs and places those first applications of paint, the journey to another wonderful destination begins.


  • \\\\\\"Conversations wtih the Earth\\\\\\" 18X24


  • My art story with history and paintings...