Creative Sonoma

Eileen Nagle

Artisan: Jewelry; Film Office: Talent; Folk Art: Puppetry, Storytelling; Literature: Children's, Fiction, Non-Fiction; Performance Art; Teacher/Instructor: Teaching Artist for Adults, Teaching Artist for Youth; Theatre: Acting, Directing, Improvisation, Other; Playwright for children's plays
Eileen Nagle


Eileen Nagle M.Ed is an elementary/ middle school teacher who specializes in Children’s Theatre.

A native of West Sonoma County, Eileen writes and directs children’s plays and teaches acting classes. Shakespeare for Children; Musical Theater, Improv and Playwriting all for children are at the center of her creativity. She loves to direct after school drama clubs, teach playwriting and work with the home school community, having homeschooled her own children. While being the lead teacher in charter schools she taught teachers how to integrate the arts into their regular lesson plans; enhancing the enjoyment and retention of the core subjects.

Eileen leads workshops for adults and older children to teach Script and Text Analysis based on Character Roles, a way to look at your own or other’s work and  evaluate how sound the structure of the story is.

At the University level Eileen taught Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication and Theater For Elementary Teachers courses. She was  the Outreach and Workshop Coordinator for the Noorda Theater for Children and Youth.

Recently she has been leading Creative Sonoma Trauma Residencies in the schools using theater to explore emotions.


Eileen would love to partner to teach arts summer/ after school programs in West Sonoma County area.