Creative Sonoma

Elisa Stancil

Architecture; Design: Interior Design; Literature: Non-Fiction; Visual Arts: Painting; Colorist and finishes consultant for interior and exterior
Elisa Stancil




Elisa began her creative career remodeling Craftsman homes in Sacramento and for the past thirty-five years her company, Stancil Studios, has provided decorative painting, gilding, and patterning for buildings throughout America and in Europe. Her son James now owns the business and Elisa focuses on architectural color and pattern design and consulting, writing and volunteer work.  Her efforts to keep Jack London State Park open and to restore the lake at the park are ongoing.  Her book, Jack London State Historic Park, is sold on Amazon and in bookstores as well as the museums at the park.  All proceeds benefit the park, which is now successfully operated by a non-profit, Jack London Park Partners.

Currently she serves on the board of the Institute of Architecture and Art, Northern California chapter as well as a member of the Advisory Board for Creative Sonoma. With her husband, Chuck Levine, Elisa enjoys outdoor life at home on Sonoma Mountain and adventures to other countries, experiencing diverse cultures, history and architecture.  These experiences inform her color and pattern work– a continuing passion!