Creative Sonoma

Gayle Manfre

Teacher/Instructor; Visual Arts: Mixed, Other, Painting; term
Gayle Manfre

Gayle Manfre is a teaching artist, painter and art advocate. She one of the founders of Art Escape Sonoma, Sonoma Treasure Artist of 2010 and was awarded The Youth Mural Award from Precita Eyes Muralist in San Francisco.

Gayle has been a teaching artist in Sonoma Valley since the 80s, designing and directing 14 school wide mural and creating classes at Art Escape.

Painting has been my passion since childhood. Recently retired from teaching full time. I want to devote my life to painting and creating my own art.

My paintings are joyful and colorful and range from a wide variety of subjects. I am inspired by my travels and living in beautiful Sonoma.