Creative Sonoma

Greg Brennan

Film Office: General Services; Literature; Media
Greg Brennan


I’ve developed all types of communications. Business to business. Business to consumer. Internal communications. Videos—sales, training, motivational, and more. Print ads. Executive communications. Radio and TV spots. Collateral. Web copy. Interactive projects. Newsletters.

And I’ve developed them for financial services companies. For retailers. For high tech companies. For health care companies. And for companies in other industries.

I’ve been around the executive floor, so I’m great with senior staff. But I also work well with line people. I’ve presented concepts and handled clients with care. I’ve managed teams of people. And I’ve worked solo.

I’ve done some unique stuff, too. Like written a book that Dearborn published. And developed an entertainment-on-demand application for Paramount. And directed several television series that aired nationally on public television and cable.