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Hemu Aggarwal

Visual Arts: Painting
Hemu Aggarwal



Hemu is multi-talented.
She is a graphic designer, painter, poet, fashion designer, tennis coach, and now the author of a book, The Forbidden Letters. A True Story. Published in paperback and Kindle on Amazon Books worldwide.

Hemu Aggarwal’s work captivates the viewer with its visual beauty, harmony, vibrant colors, intense depth, and fluidity of motion. Her work intrigue, tells stories, and creates a mood all at once. She creates paintings in acrylic on wood or canvas. Lately, she has found new media, Digital. Most of her work is in the styles of abstract or Subjective Expressionism. Artist’s statement: “It’s hard to explain why I paint or what inspires me. I have a thousand ideas in my head and continually experiment with different subjects, styles, and techniques. I long to explore so much more out there in the world. Sometimes I surprise myself when I can convert my imagination into two-dimensional art. My passion is in creating various textures and then painting with Acrylic colors over the rough surfaces or experimenting with various tools and filters in digital technique”. Her commercial work: created many album covers of well-known artists like Tom Jones, Mantovani, Engelbert Humperdinck, Brotherhood of Man, and Frijid Pink, one of the last records of the Beatles, and a single by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

She lives in Petaluma, California. To see more paintings and additional information, Google: Hemu Aggarwal.


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