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Jewel Shield

Artisan: Ceramics, Other; Music: Composition, Instrumental, Other, Vocal; Teacher/Instructor; Visual Arts
Jewel Shield



Music is the Universal language of all people and creation.

I am a lifelong Artisan with a deep love and appreciation for harmony and beauty.  The creative spark that leads me from within feels natural and familiar. It perhaps comes from an experience of many lifetimes being emerged in the arts and my ancestral lineage that includes many artists, musicians and teachers.  I have been a professional harpist, musician, artist, teacher and mentor since the early 1980’s. 

I have a passion for creating and contributing more love, beauty and peace in the world through music, arts and compassionate teaching. I have a BFA in Studio Arts/ Ceramics with a background in Creative Arts Therapies and also Certifications in Sound, Voice and Music Healing, and Yoga of the Voice and Transformational Life Mastery Coaching.

Although I have played and performed a variety of genres and styles mostly rooted in world and ethnic traditions, I am currently focused on my own creative compositions and contemplative improvisations on Harp, my primary instrument, as well as exploring and creating new music, instruments and sounds for healing. 

I am a holistic and compassionate teacher and creative mentor. Primarily being a self taught musician, I love to empower my students and assist them in discovery of their inner guide and teacher.  Music is natural to everything, it is what connect us and  has powerful transforming and healing benefits.

I currently perform ambient background for special events, receptions, featured performances, Sacred occasions and meditations, healing and magical SoundScapes. I also perform music as accompaniment for yoga, dance, chi gong and tai chi classes, poetry readings and other various events and collaborations. As a multi instrumentalist I play a variety of instruments, especially in my Sound Healing work, including Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Native American flutes, and zithers. I am now combining my experience and artistry, and working on designing instruments that anyone can enjoy playing and experience the powerful and therapeuticbenefits of making music.