Creative Sonoma

Leslie M. Levy

Artisan: Other; Film Office: Crew, Multimedia, Production, Talent; Folk Art: Storytelling; Literature: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry; Media: Audio, Film, Video; Multi-Media; Music: Composition, Vocal; Theatre: Acting, Directing, Improvisation, Technical; Visual Arts: Mixed, Photography
Leslie M. Levy


I am a developing multifaceted creative based in Sonoma County, offering a breadth of knowledge and growing experience.

Currently a senior at Sonoma State University in Communication and Media, I am looking for collaborative and mentorship opportunities within Sonoma County primarily and the Bay Area at large.

A writer to the bone, I have experience with video work of all kinds (mostly camera, lighting, and directing/producing, some with editing) as well as some audio experience (ever-expanding because it is my second passion next to writing). I believe I have a lot to offer in a wide range of areas and love helping creative juices flow like watersheds into a project.


  • This is Silverman Park, short film I made as a teaser to the feature I am writing based on Tyson Jones and Melodie Spark. This particular project was limited to one line of dialogue per character and 8 min. total duration. I was blessed to work with many talented people for this small slice of my creativity. Check the credits if you are interested in knowing who I've worked with. ;) I wasn't involved in film yet when I left Petaluma, but I'm back and ready to work!