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Mandy Bankson

Mandy Bankson



The pattern of seeds in a cut cucumber fascinate me and bring me joy.  

As I wander our rural property I am intrigued by beauty in ordinary places; the rust pattern on our old truck, a surface of a leaf, or an ordinary weed’s elegant line. My painting practice captures the adventure of discovering these daily surprises. As Mary Oliver in her poem “Instructions for Living a Life” says, “Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.”

My paintings invite the viewer to stop and see the mystery of color, shape, line and space and what it communicates to them personally. I paint abstractly because I love the freedom of plunging into the unknown.

Combining the principles of design and color with loose and playful exploration, I apply layers of paint.  Acrylics offer me the freedom to improvise and work quickly, and after carefully looking, begin again. This process is both challenging and exhilarating. As I let go of control, the painting takes on its own voice.

My studio is open year round by appointment, with Covid protocol. 




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