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Mari Capon

Artisan: Fiber Art; Arts Administration; Dance: Ballet, Ballroom, Choreography, Hip-Hop & Funk, Improvisation, Latin, Modern, Other; Folk Art: Puppetry, Storytelling; Literature: Children's, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Other, Poetry; Media: Video; Music: Vocal; Performance Art; Teacher/Instructor: Teaching Artist for Adults, Teaching Artist for Youth; Theatre: Acting, Directing, Improvisation, Other; Visual Arts: Illustration, Muralist, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture; Medium-making, Production Management, Make-Up, Cognitive Movement, Somatic Processing
Mari Capon

Mari has been professionally involved in the arts world for over twenty years. 

As a child, she was a creative dancer at Virginia Tanner’s Children Dance Theater, and she oil painted and sang in choirs.  As a teen she acted, and was a make-up artist, poet, essayist, and ballroom dancer, and in young adulthood, she was a tango dancer and professional performing artist as an Art Model for artists working for Disney, EA, and countless Universities, Ateliers, Institutes, and Studios, and especially enjoyed set, costume, and lighting designs for painters and illustrators.

Upon realizing that she most enjoyed coaching artists through their process, she began teaching, first creating art curriculum for a K-12 after-school program while becoming bilingual in Peru, before returning to the U.S. to become a certified cognitive movement, creative dance, and preschool music instructor.  She began providing, teaching, and consulting for bilingual preschools and Summer Camps, tutoring, and coaching gymnastics, and continued to teach the arts and sports.  She also taught inclusive sex education and spiritual development for children at interfaith, non-denominational churches, and facilitated somatic processing, while attending weekly classes in various forms.

As an undergrad, Mari authored an Interdisciplinary Arts Curriculum Program for Pre-K through 12th Grade and became credentialed.  She will research, publish, and offer her program while continuing to teach Interdisciplinary Arts.