Creative Sonoma

Michelle Hirsch

Creative Sonoma Grantee; Visual Arts: Mixed
Michelle Hirsch

Mixed Media

On Form: I experiment with found material in my mixed media works. My recent collages and installations have incorporated materials such as syringes, bandages, masks, tree wound sealer, flagging tape, Venetian plaster and charred trees from the wildfires.

On Mind: There is always strong research component behind my work. Second, I tend to immerse myself in the environment for site specific projects.  Third, I work intuitively and projects will morph depending on material constraints and the direction of my research.

On Heart: As an immigrant, I am interested in the falsehood of the Other.  The recurring themes in my body of work are related to identity and healing.

On Family: I live in the countryside with my husband 2 rescued, indoor-only cats, 3 barn cats and one rescued Great Pyrenees.


  • Masks, ink mounted on canvas, 2021


  • Excerpt of my interview with Ian Nelson, film maker, on the installation for the Pepperwood Preserve Gallery on the 5th anniversary of the Tubbs wildfires