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Nick Cordellos

Music: Instrumental, Vocal
Nick Cordellos


I grew up in Sonoma and have been drumming since age 7.  

My first professional gig was at age 14.  At age 17, I was offered a job by a top-SF band, but could not take the role because of being under-age. During the 1980’s I played for a brunch of people, including Bonnie Raitt.

In 2003, I toured with Harmonica Shaw around the Midwest for about a year.  I’ve played with a lot of people, tons. Ten years of playing drums in Detroit with a variety of bands, 2001-2011.

Presently I am playing with 3 bands in Sonoma, Santa Rosa and Petaluma.  Still on the lookout for the band that has an exciting pace to go on tour with.