Creative Sonoma

Rachel Forbis

Recovery Fund Grantee; Visual Arts
Rachel Forbis


Rachel Forbis is a conceptual artist from Northern California who focuses on engaging her viewers with each piece she completes.

She thrives on creative interpretation while widening her range of artistic abilities. She is a UC Davis Graduate with a degree in Interior Architecture and an emphasis on Fine Art. She lived in Taiwan and has traveled to various surrounding Countries, exploring and expanding her creative world. With a passion for numerous medias and styles, she has found her expertise doing custom artwork for her clients and is always looking for new explorations of subject matter. She has a love for fine detail that is evoked in all her projects. Rachel sells both original artwork and prints from her own inspirations, as well as welcomes commissions that are purely customized. If you live in Sonoma County, you can book a free consultation where she will go to you and discuss your interests.