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Ramesu Amen

Music: Vocal
Ramesu Amen

My name is Ramesu Amen and I perform under the name KingLung.

I create hip hop music to raise the listener’s awareness and vibration, and have performed all around my home of Sonoma County. I have released over 13 records on streaming platforms and am planning to double that this year. I care deeply for my community, working with
nonprofits such as the Next Steps Liaison Project (at-risk youth in juvenile hall), and Play it Forward Music Foundation (my collaborator on this grant). This year, I received the Arts and Cultural Equity Fellowship grant from the County of Sonoma. I am also booked for two major local festivals.

I founded my own music label, Timeless Music Monopoly (TMM), in pursuit of my love and passion for music and my drive to keep it at the forefront of my day-to-day life. TMM quickly evolved into a production company called Timeless Experience, co-founded by Ariel Norman (Mystie Moon), my partner and one of the artists signed under the TMM label. Timeless Experience is all about bringing, not only musicians and singer songwriters together, but the entire community. The Timeless movement is all about connectivity, and keeping the culture of music alive and active in the community while uplifting and supporting the people within the 707 community, specifically Sonoma County.

“A Melodious Affair” is the most successful production to come out of Timeless Experience to date. In this project, I and other local RnB singers and MCs collaborate with a live band. Many artists such as myself have only had experience performing live with pre-recorded tracks, and this project provides the opportunity for us to actively collaborate with other musicians. For the audience member, “A Melodious Affair”
creates a welcoming ambiance for music lovers with varying tastes and with a vintage theater style venue. Attendees are sure to have nostalgia while enjoying not only some of their favorite classic cover songs, but also all original music written and performed by
members of the local community.