Creative Sonoma

Rayne Madison

Creative Sonoma Grantee; Design: Graphic Design; Folk Art; Functional Art; Visual Arts: Mixed
Rayne Madison

I view art as an exploration of life experience and the tangible means by which to share concepts, ideas and emotions.

The closest I have come to describing myself is as an emerging inter-disciplinary conceptual artist. The concepts that I work with arise from my day-to-day existence, they seem to choose me, rather than the other way around. Each project leads me to learn and expand into new areas. My work explores themes of identity, femininity, humanity, attachment, connection, intention, spiritual evolution and that which underlies emotion. Using, whichever materials are best suited to communicating the concept I am working with. Lately, I am drawn to creating street art posters, paper sculptures, pop-up public art installations and collaborative projects.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from NYIT. And, I have worked in publishing, non-profit and investment banking sectors. Bringing me into contact with different aspects of our culture and a diverse field of individuals.

I am freelancing as an organizational assistant, event planner, graphic designer and website builder while developing my own projects.