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Rebeca Trevino

Artisan: Other; Multi-Media; Mixed Media/ Assemblage
Rebeca Trevino


Rebeca Treviño – Assemblage Artist

I am an assemblage artist. My art materials are not paints, but pieces, parts and objects found at flea markets, antique stores, estate and garage sales.

With these found objects I creates stories in a 3-D format, purposely arranging them out of context, so that even the most familiar images of our culture are often contrasted with modern-day ideas. As a story teller, I like to lure the viewer into my work, first with an immediate response to the visual impact of color and composition, which inevitably causes the viewer to want to know more. Some of my “unwritten stories” run as deep as the viewer dares to go, while others will tell the story with the simplicity of a nursery rhyme.

I love what I do, it makes me happy to take things that have served their original purpose, giving them new meaning and artistic value. I feel that my work breathes new life into these discarded objects in a way that can be unexpectedly provocative, politically suggestive, and unquestionably deliberate.

A lifelong collector, my studio is a collection of children’s toys, vintage tools and other unusual objects. My method of working is best described by the characters I’ve chosen to play, to include that of collector, builder, and juxtaposer.

Rebeca Treviño

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