Creative Sonoma

Sara Downing

Design: Interior Design; Functional Art: Furniture; Visual Arts: Photography, Sculpture
Sara Downing


 I have spent the majority of my artistic career in photography, music and design+build fields.

The majority of my photographic work over the last 25 years has been commercial in nature, with a focus on portraiture and architecture.

Currently, my focus is designing and executing 2 and 3 dimensional large-scale photographic image installations for both residential and commercial applications.  My work tends to reflect painterly and abstract forms and I often concentrate my efforts on textural worlds distilled from the often-labeled mundane. I aim to surprise audiences with a new way to experience photography in a physically immersive construct.

The more I walk this earth the more apparent it is to me. Tapping into which thoughts and actions bring me joy conversely allows me to more fully identify that which I should let go.

What works for our STUFF also works for our psyche. To cut through the din of external voices telling us any number of things; to come to rely on one’s own gauge to determine what feels good, what feels nourishing, what feels inspiring.

What whispers to you?

What is worthy of your attention?

What makes you feel good?