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Therese Van Wiele

Visual Arts: Painting
Therese Van Wiele

I’ve been painting for 45 years with just a bit of formal art instruction. I paint representational  “landscapes with a twist.” Every painting I do has a story within it or something unusual about it that viewers can find if they are inclined to look for it.

I describe my paintings as not merely “pretty pictures,” although at first glance they might be considered pretty.  Yet they always have a deeper story, or personal meaning, or something hidden within the painting that viewers can interpret or discover for themselves.

I like to create art that leaves people wondering and curious about what is really going on within the pretty picture. Each painting I do has a reason to exist. I frequently don’t find the reason myself until I’m almost done painting it. Then it tells its me its story. I’m always glad to provide an explanation of why it exists or the meaning behind it, or, of course, a viewer can interpret it for him or herself.

Over the years I’ve had my work accepted into several juried art shows. I’ve displayed and sold much of my artwork in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota where I used to live. I moved to Petaluma 7 years ago and am now trying to re-establish myself as a known artist in Sonoma County. I currently have 2 paintings on for sale at Gallery One on Western Ave. in old downtown Petaluma.


  • Seeking Shelter