ArtSurround Projects

This page is a listing of works produced through the ArtSurround program, a placemaking and public art initiative. Click on the images on the left of each artist and advocate pairing to learn more about each artist, or click HERE to learn more about the ArtSurround Training and Grant.


Sculpture 2resized

Barbie Watts + Santa Rosa City Hall

Art meets function in #ArtSurround Artist Barbie Watts' project "Art for Water from Air" installed in front of Santa Rosa City Hall. Barbie Watts’s fluid, movable sculptures are designed & built with ideas & materials used in atmospheric water collectors, also known as a “dew collectors”.

Installed Mural

Julian Billotte and Anna Wiziarde + Santa Rosa City Hall

"Rosa Californica" is a botanical line drawing in 23kt gold of a Native California Rose by #ArtSurround Artists Julian Billotte and Anna Wiziarde! The Rose is on both sides of the central concrete wall/tower in the courtyard of Santa Rosa City Hall and is visible when in the courtyard and from Santa Rosa Avenue! Look over when driving past to see this beauty 🙂

Sara Downing

Sara Downing + Putnam Plaza (Petaluma)

Sara Downing's temporary kinetic art installation "VISUALIZARch" is now on display in Petaluma’s Putnam Plaza Park through July! VISUALIZARch is the culmination of a multi-phase project, beginning with a series of sessions with Petaluma residents in the plaza titled "I am Petaluma" which included photo sessions, gathering or written intentions, desires, and observations from participating community residents. Click on photo to learn more about the artist.

Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones + Escolar (Santa Rosa)

Nicole Jones' project "California Native Food Garden" was installed at Escolar in May – the garden focused on community engagement and exploring the ideas of urban-indigenous food spaces. Nicole held two community engagement activities where she gifted plants to participants and provided sketchbooks as part of a plant/nature sketching workshop. The project goal was to bring awareness to Sonoma County's indigenous plant foods. Click on photo to learn more about the artist.

Ann Weber + Town of Windsor (Windsor)

Ann Weber's project "Art Under the Oaks" is a public art installation near the Town Green in Windsor. The community submitted photographs that exemplify what makes Windsor a great place to live, work and play! The gallery of images are displayed along Old Redwood Highway, north of the Bell Village Shopping Center (Oliver's), through November 2023.

Susan Bercu + Putnam Plaza (Petaluma)

Susan Bercu's “Cast-Offs” Streamers were installed on tree branches in Putnam Plaza in Petaluma. The community contributed their household discards to use in constructing the streamers. Various rope and clothesline remnants are adorned with plastic and metal waste such as water bottles, plastic toys, food packaging and parts from dismantled hard drives! Click on photo to learn more about the artist.

Niki Wildflower + Sonoma Community Center (Sonoma)

Niki Wildflower hosted 6 recycling and art making events to bring environmental awareness to young people in after school programs held at Sonoma Community Center. Youth created art from the recycled materials and the sculptures were installed in front of the Center in February 2023.
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Patricia Bailey + River Arts (Guerneville)

Patricia Bailey led a team of artists who painted storefront windows for the 2022 Holidays along the downtown Guerneville merchant corridor.
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Kelly Gray + Pepperwood Preserve (Santa Rosa)

Kelly Gray worked with seven local writers with her writing workshop "Writing Eco-Grief into Resiliency." She and her fellow writers gave a poetry reading at Pepperwood Preserve in December 2022.
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Michelle Hirsch + Pepperwood Preserve (Santa Rosa)

Artist Michelle Hirsch created "Healing and Emergence", a mixed media installation using found materials, on display at Pepperwood Preserve beginning in late Fall 2022. "My intent is to capture the essence of the Preserve by way of material and text", says Michelle.
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Jane Ingram Allen + Pepperwood Preserve (Santa Rosa)

Artist Jane Ingram Allen installed Living Leaf at Pepperwood Preserve during Fall 2022. Living Leaf is handmade paper infused with seeds of Native wild grasses and wildflowers that will grow and transform over time.
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Aim Hover + Sonoma Community Center (Sonoma)

Artist Aim Hover installed “What Brings You Joy” at Sonoma Community Center! Hundreds of Sonoma Valley community members of all ages illustrated their response to the question, “What brings you joy / ¿Qué te trae alegría?” The collection of art is displayed on two seventeen-foot tall banners on the front of the Sonoma Community Center during winter 2023.
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Untitled design (11)

Kenny Simeone + Pepperwood Preserve (Santa Rosa)

In his project "The Sounds of Nature" #ArtSurround Artist Kenny Simeone created an original instrumental composition designed to enhance the new artwork at the Pepperwood Preserve, focusing on the intersection of art and the environment. Listen to his beautiful piece here:
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