Arts Education Month and New Directory!

MARCH 2021

March is Arts Education Month – an opportunity to remember that access to arts education is essential for our children and community, and to renew our commitment to work toward that goal. 

Join with CreateCA to show how #ArtsEdRebuilds during Arts Education Month. “From building leaders to reviving our economy, arts education is and will continue to be more essential than ever.” Get the Social Media Toolkit HERE.

Creative Sonoma is celebrating Arts Education Month by launching new online resources dedicated to supporting arts education in our County. All of the following pages are found on our new Arts Education hub,

  • The Arts Education Programs for Schools Directory allows teachers and school administrators to connect with the unique learning opportunities offered through local arts organizations. From assemblies, classes, and online learning, this searchable directory provides ways to find arts education programming.
  • A page of Resources connects audiences with established, reliable sources of information.
  • A Stories page provides research, data, and unique experiences that inspire and inform. The Funding page leads to a variety of funding paths, as well as new ideas for creating a culture shift in how we think about using the arts.
  • The ongoing work of the Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance (AEA) is tracked, including ways you can get involved. Become a member of the AEA today and work with us to bring more arts to students!

To support the case for arts education for every student, consider what we believe about the benefits of arts education:

  • The arts give students the space and place to create, communicate, and connect with others using their own voices. 
  •  Arts education has a remarkable impact on students’ academic outcomes and social emotional health, especially critical for our students after this year of distance learning and its many challenges.
  • The arts are a tool for change, particularly in student leadership and student voice.
  • The arts provide a unique opportunity for students to experience safe risk taking and allow students space and time to grow with their creative ideas.  
  • An arts education sets students up to participate in California’s $174.6B creative economy.

For these reasons and more, we are working this month – and every month – toward a future where every student has access to arts education.