A monthly spotlight on ideas, strategies, and resources to support and advocate for arts education in Sonoma County.

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Student Arts Spotlight

Student Arts Spotlight shares the good news of the arts making a difference in students’ lives in a monthly feature. The Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance is pleased to share the 1st Student Arts Spotlight and features students musicians from Rincon Valley Middle School in their fall concert. Congratulations, Rincon Valley Middle School!

Learn about the Student Arts Spotlight and share your students’ accomplishments HERE.


Anti-Racist Hip Hop Music and Dance Program for Local Schools

Two-time Grammy nominees and Oakland’s own, Alphabet Rockers, offer anti-racist curriculum through Hip Hop music and dance for K-12 students and their families. The program, We Got Work to Do, includes videos and discussions that encourage interaction, engagement, and dance! 

The Green Music Center will engage the Alphabet Rockers with Sonoma County communities throughout the spring 2021 semester, including an interview as a part of their Green Room online series, and online workshops and activities with Sonoma State education students and regional K-12 schools and families. Get more information HERE



Achieving Diversity and Equity in Music Education

Music education has a unique opportunity to provide and celebrate diversity through a variety of music-making traditions. Students who participate in music are engaging with various cultures as a result of high quality instruction provided by music educators, all the while building building 21st century skills. Every student needs the opportunity to experience music of a variety of cultures for better understanding and valuing of communities throughout the world.

  • Read the article from Education and Career News HERE.


How the Arts Can Help Combat Bias and Injustice

Arts organizations have the ability to provide platforms that allow our society to address racism. Included in the ways arts can ensure a transformation includes providing initiatives in arts education allow children to recognize racist behavior and provide the ability to counter messages of anti-racism. Arts based programs throughout the community also allow students’ families and very community to come together in creative ways. Funding and supporting arts organizations allows progress to be rich and inclusive.

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Visit the Creative Sonoma Arts Education page to learn more about arts education projects and opportunities in Sonoma County.