In Defense of Arts Education

Toward the end of his tenure as editor of Newsweek magazine, Jon Meacham wrote an article for Newsweek magazine titled “Why Liberal Arts Matter.”  In the article, he surmises “we need to make sure that the liberal arts prepare people for a good life, not just the good life.” We couldn’t agree more.

May 2018

We know that study of the arts provides many transfer benefits for students, from creative problem solving and collaboration skills, to mental discipline and critical thinking. Those remarkable benefits notwithstanding, cultivating a love for art in young lives is the surest way to ensure that the communities that they build in the future will be inclusive and creative for all of us. In short, it will contribute to our collective ability to live good lives.

As a specific example of the power of the arts on communities, we are happy to be providing a new arts education program that was born in the aftermath of the wildfires. Creative Sonoma is offering trauma informed artist residencies to our schools, free-of-charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. We know that students all across the County are feeling the impacts of the fires on their sense of security and well-being. These residencies will use the inherent power of the arts to help these most vulnerable members of our community find new ways to express their thoughts and feelings as a means to finding a greater sense of calm.

If you are connected to a school – as a teacher, staff member, parent or otherwise – please click HERE and complete the simple application in order to be considered for a residency. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at