New Year's Re-_ _ _ _ _

Renew. Refresh. Recommit. Resolve. Recover.
There are so many 'Re-' words to try on to find what fits best at the start of this particular new year.

January 2018

While “resolutions” is certainly one of the words on the list, we can also recommend two others that might offer special resonance in this moment. And to help you see why we are embracing them, we’ve gathered a few articles for your reading and reflecting pleasure.



Reconsidering Your Approach to New Year’s Resolutions
“What if your criteria for setting resolutions included words like play and art and adventure and relaxation?”

9 Creative New Year’s Resolutions
Fun ideas to explore from TED Talks.

How to Overcome Stress by Seeing Other People’s Joy
“When you keep your eyes open small moments of joy, you learn a lot about how much possibility there is for joy for ordinary moments, and even in difficult circumstances.”



Pico Iyer on Presence and the Art of Stillness
“In our age of perpetual motion, it’s increasingly hard – yet increasingly imperative – to honor stillness, to build pockets of it into our lives, so that our faith in beauty doesn’t become half-hearted, lopsided, crippled.”

How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative
“If you’ve been using your brain to multitask-as most of us do most of the day-and then you set that aside and go on a walk…you’ve let the prefrontal cortex recover, and that’s when we see these bursts in creativity, problem-solving, and feelings of well-being.”