2019 Next Level Songwriting Contest Finalists Announced


The overwhelming response highlights the richness and diversity of our local songwriting community. Based on the volume, we are happy to also announce the list of 20 Semi-finalists, their tracks, and a link to where you can hear either the winning track or their music (if available online).

Of these semi-finalists, nine finalists were announced at the 2019 Next Level Music Conference on February 10, 2019. Each finalist will receive songwriting software chosen by songwriter Cliff Goldmacher. 


WINNER:  Bobby Jo Valentine:  (Original track as submitted) “Ungrateful” | (Track produced by Cliff Goldmacher) “Ungrateful”


FINALIST:  Brittany Aquamarine:  “You Are Sold”

SEMI-FINALIST:  Chris Le Dieph:  “Which Way You Wanna Go”

SEMI-FINALIST:  Diego Jameau, the Whistler:  “My Reality” (Visit Soundcloud for other tracks)

FINALIST:  Frankie Bourne:  “Re-Imagine Life” (Visit website for other tracks)

SEMI-FINALIST:  Jared Newman:  “Something on Your Back” (Visit Soundcloud for other tracks)

FINALIST:  John Knutson:  “Lowdown Money Blues”

SEMI-FINALIST:  Joshua James Jackson:  “Livin’ the Dream” (Visit bandcamp for other tracks)

SEMI-FINALIST:  Kayatta:  “Chop Stix” (Visit Soundcloud for other tracks)

SEMI-FINALIST:  KellytheSinger:  “Going Insane”

FINALIST:  Ken Risling:  “Through a Hole in my Heart” 

FINALIST:  La Reva Myles:  “My Oasis”

SEMI-FINALIST:  Laura O’Neal:  “Rottonwood”

SEMI-FINALIST:  Magica Hills:  “Too Good to be True Love”

FINALIST:  Mandy Brooks:  “Good to Be Ya” 

FINALIST:  Nancy Vogl:  “Peace Begins with Me”

FINALIST:  Ross Friedman:  “The Fragile in You”

FINALIST:  Steve Pile:  “Starlet” (Visit website for other tracks)

SEMI-FINALIST:  Washington Hill:  “Connected” (Visit Spotify for other tracks)

SEMI-FINALIST:  Zach Hammer:  “Ride” (Visit iTunes for other tracks)


Learn more about the Next Level Music Industry Conference, Songwriting Contest and Grant for Musicians HERE