Recovery Fund: Physical Loss Applications 2017 Fires


This portion of the Recovery Fund is for those who have experienced physical loss or damage due to the fires (can range from total loss of property to smoke damage). Funds are available to individuals who are residents of Sonoma County, or organizations/businesses located in Sonoma County, for immediate and short-term basic human and art related needs including shelter, medications, art supplies, instruments, rent, mortgage, or utilities, office and creative supplies and equipment, repair and/or mitigation, and relocation costs, and more.


Up to $1000


Applicants must be able to document a history of working in the arts/creative industry for at least five years and evidence of financial need. Past employment can be full-time, part-time, self-employed, or contract. While you must be a Sonoma County resident to apply for assistance, your work may have occurred anywhere geographically.

Creative individuals include: actors, architects, artisans, crafts artists, dancers, designers, filmmakers, musicians/vocalists, photographers, visual artists, and writers; staff of nonprofit arts organizations and creative enterprises (full-time, part-time, or contract).

  • Creative Background – a 5-year history of working in the arts and/or creative industries
  • Financial Need – beginning at 300% and below of the Federal poverty level. If your household income is above the threshold, please do submit an application as additional grants may be available after funding individuals who meet the initial thresholds.
  • Scope of Loss – description and documentation of the direct loss from the 2017 Wine Country Fires


  • Creative History – Organizations/businesses with an established history in an arts or creative industry may apply. Eligible organizations/businesses Include all performing, visual, media, and literary arts organizations, arts service organizations and schools, creative enterprises in the design fields or in any of the above arts disciplines, or crafts, makers, and artisans. Please contact us if you are not sure if your business falls into any of these categories.
  • Financial Need – Illustrate a financial loss due to lost/damaged property or income. You will be asked to list the most recent three-year history of net annual income (after salaries are paid
  • Scope of Loss – Provide a description and documentation of the direct physical loss. The organization/business must be physically located in Sonoma County. 


The fund has been expended and is now closed


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