Recovery Fund: Economic Loss Applications 2017 Fires

*NOTE:  For those who experienced physical loss due to the fires, please do not apply for an economic loss grant at this time. Please visit the Recovery Fund for Physical Loss application page.


This portion of the Recovery Fund is for those who have experienced economic loss* due to the fires, either through loss of business, evacuation, or related issues. Funds are available to individuals who are residents of Sonoma County, or organizations/businesses located in Sonoma County, to mitigate these losses. Established sole proprietors (i.e., most artists) should apply as a business/organization. 

Eligible creative individuals include those who earn income as actors, architects, artisans, crafts artists, dancers, designers, filmmakers, musicians/vocalists, photographers, visual artists, and writers; as well as staff of nonprofit arts organizations and creative businesses (full time, part-time and contract). If you work in a creative profession that you do not see listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us to assess your eligibility.

Eligible businesses/organizations include all performing, visual, media, and literary arts organizations, arts service organizations and schools, and creative enterprises in the design fields or in any of the above arts disciplines (such as sole proprietors). Please contact us if you are not sure if your business falls into any of these categories or if you are not certain in which category to apply. 


Up to $1000


Grants will be assessed and awarded based on the eligibility items below.

1. Creative Background

  • Individuals – a 5 year history of receiving income from working in the arts/creative industry
  • Organizations and Businesses – a 5 year history of continuous operation

2. Financial Need

  • Individuals – beginning at 300% of the Federal poverty level and moving up as funds allow.  If your household income is above the threshold, please do submit an application as funds may be available after funding those individuals who meet the initial thresholds.
  • Organizations and Businesses – demonstrate financial loss due to the fires

3. Scope of Loss – description/documentation of the economic loss


Recipients of previous grants from the Creative Sonoma Recovery Fund, for either economic loss or physical loss, are not eligible for this grant. 

Individuals, businesses or organizations must be current residents of Sonoma County. 

Read more about eligibility and required documentation in the Guidelines below.


April 2, 2108 11:59pm PST


 Application Worksheet for Individuals
Application Worksheet for Businesses and Organizations


Fill out the application online (paper-based, handwritten, or incomplete applications will not be reviewed), beginning February 1, 2018.



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