Emergency Preparedness

For those who have not been affected by the fires, now is exactly the right time to take stock of your personal and organizational preparedness for emergencies. Although we all hope that we don’t experience anything nearly as significant as these wildfires, we recognize that we live in a State where nature’s capriciousness is regularly evidenced. These links offer recommendations to help you prepare now for the next emergency that arises.

Americans for the Arts – provides links to tools for artists and arts organizations to be prepared on the front end of an emergency.

ArtsReady – an online emergency preparedness service by and for arts/cultural nonprofits, provides arts organizations with customized business continuity plans for post-crisis sustainability.

Cultural Placekeeping Guide – How to create a network for local emergency action —for arts agencies, arts and culture organizations, and artists.

Performing Arts Readiness Project –  a pilot project that focuses on efforts to raise awareness of the value of and priority for planning for emergencies among performing arts organizations.

Studio Protector (by CERF+): A step-by-step process for ensuring that you are ready for a disaster before it arrives.

We will continue to expand this list as we identify resources. Do you have another great resource? Email us at creativesonom@sonoma-county.org

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