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Friday expandance classes

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Jul 24
Aug 28
Friday expandance classes

Improv based dance classes for dancers and non-dancers from award-winning choreographer, and founder of expandance, Rachel Wynne

Initially a method of freeing herself to move without judgment, to dance from pure excitement and to embrace the creativity of her own body, Rachel now offers the transformative powers of expandance to her students.  The aim for each student is to dance the dance that their body already wants to dance, choreographing from the inside out.

Get into your body and move out stress and anxiety.
Get in touch with your body\’s desires and creative impulses.
Move from your spirit – unlock your body\’s own vocabulary for self-expression; your body\’s own special \”voice.\”
Gain a deeper awareness of what is locked inside the body – old judgments, old fears – and how to move through them, into new  territory.
Learn to trust your body\’s intelligence – to prevent injuries, make stronger choices and live more healthily
Get in touch with different aspects of yourself – you have many dances in you. What can you learn from each one?
Discover the power in the vulnerability that comes with moving and connecting (even virtually) with other dancers

In class, you will be guided through a simple warm up and then expandance movement exercises. This is a practice that will leave you feeling more connected to the dancer inside.

\”Someone said to me, about swimming in the sea, “You might not like who you are going in, but you’ll love who you are coming out”. Rachel’s class reminds me of this. The difference before and after isn’t so much to do with the “not liking v loving” part, but the “who you are” part. Without even realising that it’s happening, Rachel’s deceptively-casual, artful guidance connects me with that fundamental sense of ‘myself’ that isn’t just ‘myself’ but the whole shebang. Like that sea-swimming advocate, who said that feeling herself bob up and down on the face of the earth put everything in to perspective, Rachel’s class makes me comprehend myself as one part of the whole thing.

Today after class, I lost sense of the difference between ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ my body for a while; those words confused me; I understood it as all just the same. That’s just a sense of the place that expandance situates me.\”

– Ali Brady, Dublin, Ireland. July 2020


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FREE for BIPOC & U.S. immigrants
Donation based for everyone else.
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Suggested donation $5-$25


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