Discovered: Emerging Visual Artists


Creative Sonoma is managing the fourth biannual Discovered: Emerging Artists from Sonoma County program, a juried exhibition for Sonoma County emerging visual artists.

The program recognizes up to six visual artists living and working in Sonoma County. Featured artists receive a $2,000 stipend and exhibit of their work at the Petaluma Arts Center from January 24 – March 19, 2017 (includes a professionally-produced catalog). Funding for this program is provided by the Artist Awards Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation Sonoma County; the Fund was created by more than 50 donors from 2007-2011 with support from the James Irvine Foundation.

Recommendations for the program are accepted from professionals in the art community including museum, gallery, art center staff, visual artists in all media, and individuals involved in buying, selling or exhibiting art. Self-nominations are accepted.



  • To recognize artistic excellence
  • To foster professionalism and increase exposure for emerging visual artists
  • To cultivate public awareness and appreciation of the role of creativity in our community



Artists working in any visual media are eligible, and must:

  • Be residents of Sonoma County
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Not currently be represented by a gallery (does not include co-op or collective galleries)
  • Not a student
  • Not had prior museum exhibitions in the past 10 years


Sample Guidelines & Application



Deadlines for the 2016 program have passed. This is a biannual grant. More information will be available in 2018. 


2016 Awardees:

Jenny Harp – mixed media
Dayana Leon – oil/video
Catherine Sieck – paper
Kala Stein – ceramics
Jaynee Watson – mixed media


2014 Awardees

Erik Castro
Maura Harrington
Stan Abercrombie
Miles Votek

2012 Awardees

Cathy Ellis
Peter Hassen
Ryan Lely
William Smith
Esther Traugot

2010 Awardees

Tremaine De Senna
Laine Justice
Andrew Sofie

2008 Awardees

Julie Chavez
Sarah Frieberg
Geirrod VanDyke

2006 Awardees

Todd Barricklow
Seth Minor
Catherine Richardson

BONUS: In 2016, we asked the awardees of 2006-2014 “Where are you now?” Read their updates in this feature.