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Arts Education Program Directory - How to Create Your Provider Profile Workshop

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Arts Education Program Directory - How to Create Your Provider Profile Workshop


Creative Sonoma will be adding a new online directory to its website this winter – the Arts Education Program Directory.

This directory will list include all types of arts education offerings by Sonoma County cultural organizations, private arts schools, and individual artists to our schools, community centers, families, and any other entities interested in arts education opportunities for young people. Once published, Creative Sonoma and the Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance will utilize the directory to help schools expand both arts education and arts integration through easier access to credentialed, experienced arts educators in our community.

Who Should Create a Profile*:

·         Teaching Artists with experience and/or credentials to work in schools who have ready-made programs to offer for TK-12

·         Cultural Organizations with established arts education programs that can be provided in-school, for fieldtrips, or more

·         Private Arts Schools that can provide arts instruction in-school, after school, or for private instruction


In this workshop, Creative Sonoma staff will walk through the process of setting up a profile for you as an arts education provider and for your program(s) offered. PLEASE NOTE: This directory is separate from other Creative Sonoma website directories (Artists & Creatives, Organizations & Enterprises), and those with a profile on either of those directories will need to complete or edit a separate one for the Arts Education Programs Directory.

*Before being published, the profile information provided (experience, credentials, etc.) will be verified by Creative Sonoma staff.


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