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Call for BIPOC Creatives - Submissions for Unmute Magazine

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Call for BIPOC Creatives - Submissions for Unmute Magazine


I have received so much support from fellow musicians in 2020.  

Despite the many challenges that artists have faced since last year with the start of COVID shutdown, I marvel at the continual reaching out and collaboration within the creative community. This coupled with a frustrating experience (read more at in the spring of 2020 served as a catalyst for me to create my own digital publication, Unmute Magazine, to amplify the voices of BIPOC artists across various creative outlets.

I believe that artists should be reimbursed for their time and efforts and to bring this publication to fruition, I have established a GoFundMe which will help fund the production costs of Unmute Magazine and more importantly, will help to provide compensation for contributing artists. To learn more and donate (any amount is truly appreciated), please click here.

For the call to BIPOC Creatives to submit, please click here

Thank you so much for your support,

Eki Shola, Founder and Editor-in-Chief