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City of Alameda Request for Proposals for Physical Public Art

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City of Alameda Request for Proposals for Physical Public Art


The City of Alameda would like to invite artists and/or artist teams to submit their proposals to create physical public art in the Alameda community. These services would be provided through an award from the City of Alameda, and will be funded through the Alameda Public Art fund.

The Public Art Commission is seeking to fund artwork of different scales and lifetimes, in a wide variety of locations within the City. This RFP therefore includes five different award levels up to the following amounts:

One $150,000 award
One $50,000 award
Two $25,000 awards
One $12,500 award

The City of Alameda, incorporated in 1854, is a 22.7 square-mile island city located in the San Francisco Bay. Alameda has a population of 77,660. Alameda has an active and enthusiastic arts and culture community that is interested in partnering with City government to promote a variety of art forms. The Community Development Department (CDD) encourages the advancement of local arts and culture to create a unique sense of place, and a more livable and economically vibrant city.

In 2003, the City of Alameda City Council adopted a Public Art Ordinance to require the installation of publicly accessible art on-site in certain new and substantially rehabilitated development projects. In lieu of providing on-site art, developers may choose to make a monetary contribution equal in value to their on-site art requirement into the City’s Public Art Fund. The Fund, also established by the aforementioned Ordinance, is to be used for physical art and/or cultural arts and arts programming to benefit the community.

Entry Deadline: 12/19/17