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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Confident Creative Academy

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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Confident Creative Academy


Become the Confident Creative you are meant to be!

These amazing experts will be sharing their expertise with you for 21 days in November for FREE!

Don’t miss these awesome interviews:

  • Lisa Marie Pepe: Overcoming Perfectionism and Developing Unshakable Confidence
  • Avalaura Gaither: Soulful Self-Care for Creatives
  • Roxie & Lucas Francis: How To Grow A Fanbase + Profitable Music Business
  • Adriana Marchione: Art Cures: Practices for Health and Wellness and Creative Work.
  • Rahti Gorfien: Its Safe to be Seen: The 4 Emotions That Stop Success in Creatives
  • Stefan Aronsen: Why Balanced Breakfast is the Most Important Part of the Day.
  • Dr. Tressa Berman: From Breakdown to Creative Breakthrough
  • and more!


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