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Creative Sonoma - Hiring new Director

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Creative Sonoma - Hiring new Director


Creative Sonoma Director – Apply by August 21, 2023 11:59pm PT

About Creative Sonoma

Creative Sonoma is dedicated to advancing and supporting the creative community of Sonoma County by producing programs and providing services to serve the needs of Sonoma County’s diverse arts sector. Creative Sonoma is a division of the County of Sonoma Economic Development Board (EDB)  with an advisory board comprised of 7-11 members who meet every other month to discuss strategic advice, outreach, promotional support, and program ideation. View this video to learn more about Creative Sonoma’s work.

About the Position

Reporting to the Director of the EDB, the Creative Sonoma Director leads the Creative Sonoma division, supervises professional staff, and develops and implements programs that
enhance the County’s creative economy positioning it on a national level. Broadly, the Creative Sonoma Director will be responsible for the following five areas:

  1. Program Development and Management
  2. Fund Development and Fiscal Oversigh
  3. Marketing and Outreach
  4. Policy and Advocacy
  5. Board and Staff Development

The EDB is seeking a candidate who has demonstrated leadership experience in advancing artists, arts organizations, creative and cultural initiatives, and galvanizing diverse partners and communities at the intersection of art, culture, economy, and civic life. Additionally, the most qualified candidates will bring experience related to:

  • Leading, developing, and supervising teams
  • Knowledge of trends in creative industries, arts-related policies, and funding opportunities, and economic development
  • Strategic planning, policy and fiscal management, fundraising, program development and management, and/or public administration
  • Managing and developing grant opportunities, diverse funding sources, including government contracts, foundations, and/or large donors
  • Creating programs that benefit diverse cultures, ethnicities, and people from different walks of life
  • Working successfully with donors; business, community, and political leaders; nonprofits; and boards to motivate and address diverse interests through coalition building, community relations, and advocacy
  • A deep passion for and understanding of the needs of the creative sector, including nonprofit and for-profit creative enterprises and individual artists and creative professionals


How to Apply

To learn more about the position – including salary and benefits – and to apply, visit the County of Sonoma page HERE