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Eki Shola - A Gift of Song

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Eki Shola - A Gift of Song


This year I decided I wanted to enter the 2018 NPR Tiny Desk competition as a way of giving back to my community. The video can be viewed at – the setting is in our garage where my music studio was – both destroyed by the fire. Despite the contents being incinerated, the structure although not structurally sound, is somewhat erect and it reminds me that even in stark conditions, hope always remains.

“Dreaming” is a song about growth and gratitude and is my gift to not only those affected by the brush fires but for all the strangers, friends, family and community that have supported us and Sonoma County over these months.

Special thanks to and Ted Gould at I couldn’t have done this video without their talent. It was somewhat of a somber yet uplifting experience and I think they captured that essence beautifully.

Dreaming of a new start!