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Free Online Workshops: Coping with COVID for Artists

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Free Online Workshops: Coping with COVID for Artists


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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect the world, many artists are left with little options to show their work and generate an income. Creative Capital has launched a series of free online workshops, Coping with COVID, designed to help artists mitigate the effects of the pandemic and economic situation.

Coping with COVID: Livestreaming for Artists

Yara Travieso and Brighid Greene will assess how livestreaming can serve as a powerful tool for artists that are currently looking for ways to maintain their artistic practice and livelihood.

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Coping with COVID: Financial Implications for Creative Individuals

This virtual gathering provides an overview of the financial implications of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is meant to help creative individuals cope with the unique financial challenges they face and provide tangible strategies for coping with the ongoing uncertainty.

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Coping with COVID: Time Management During Challenging Times

This online workshop presents tips, tools, and resources to create a better structure, take control of your environment, manage your time better as we continue to work from home.

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Coping with COVID: Centering Wellness and Self-Care for Creatives

Rhonda Wheatley discusses how artists might rethink productivity, as many attempt to maintain a sense of “business as usual” when things are anything but usual.

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