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Hard Rock Band eNegative seeks Bassist

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Hard Rock Band eNegative seeks Bassist



eNegative needs a bassist, quick!
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Please contact us to receive your time slot for the evening of Aug 3rd.
Elizabeth 707-696-3306
eNegative has a lineup of shows starting Aug 18 through mid October and many of them are three 45 min sets, so we need someone willing to study hard and learn quickly. I have 4 songs on and our website to refer to as well as here on Facebook. We generally rehearse once a week, play out a couple times a month and have a fun but focused and professional time together. I’ll mention that we are a clean and sober lot, but we don’t need you to be… but I can’t tolerate anything beyond a drink or two at the gigs and rehearsals have always been sober. We are really good communicators and are close & vulnerable with each other. We do check-ins at the beginning of each rehearsal to make sure our evening can be productive and clear of any baggage from the day/week. I mention this because a band member is like family and we are good to each other, care about each other and always have positive vibes, even when life is hard… hope that fits for you! 🙂 We are mostly in our 50’s, not ageist, but we are a dirty hard rock band that calls for showmanship and a stage presence that requires a little style…. By style I mean I prefer understated, dark, and more punk feeling than glam rock or flashy – AKA no affliction shirts or bedazzled jeans 😉
Thanks for your time, e