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Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions Grants

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Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions Grants


In celebration of the Hewlett Foundation’s fiftieth anniversary, we are pleased to announce a new five-year, $8 million commissioning initiative that will be one of the largest of its kind in the United States: the Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions.

The initiative will support the creation of 50 exceptional works of performing arts and their premiere in the Bay Area through grants of $100,000 to $200,000 to Bay Area nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations will receive funding to achieve their creative vision in partnership with the commissioned artists.

The ultimate beneficiaries of the new program will be local audiences, who will be among the first to see important new works in the performing arts premiered in their communities.

This new program aligns with our longstanding commitment to providing Bay Area audiences with access to world class performing arts, and it is our hope that the works created will go on to inspire, engage and challenge audiences across the country and around the world in years to come.

2017: Music Composition

Ten commissions will be awarded annually in each of five performing arts disciplines from 2017 – 2021. For 2017, the commissions will focus on music composition, including but not limited to chamber, choral, contemporary, folk and symphonic music, as well as jazz, opera, musical scores, sound art and traditional musical practices from around the world.

Future years will focus on:

2018: Theater, Spoken Word and Musical Theater

2019: Dance, Multi-Discipline Performance Art

2020: Folk and Traditional Arts

2021: Film and Media

Introductory Webinar on January 26, Letters of Intent are due on April 14.