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Ongoing Submissions of Fiction, Poetry, Art, and Reviews for Split Lip Magazine

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Ongoing Submissions of Fiction, Poetry, Art, and Reviews for Split Lip Magazine


We’re a literary journal of voice-driven writing with a pop culture twist. We publish online monthly and in print yearly. 

Short Stories. Flash. Poetry. Memoir. Music. Reviews. Interviews. 

Short Fiction
Send us your best unpublished literary, mainstream or experimental writing between 1,000 and 5,000 words. Profanity, sex and such are permitted but we will not publish anything tickling the boundaries of pornography. As much as we like sci-fi, romance, mystery and adventure, please, no genre fiction. 


Editor Katie Flynn says she wants “momentum and specificity, sentences with heat that hit multiple registers..”   
Flash Fiction
Please send your short, shorter, shortest works under 1,000 words.  
Flash Editor Maureen Langloss says, “Voice, character, and rhythm. Language with layers and textures. At least one sentence YOU love.”

Give us the dirty lowdown.  An unpublished dirty lowdown, please. We love memoir that shines a new light on the human condition. There are no limitations in regards to subject matter.  Maximum 2,000 words.

Memoir Editor Ray Shea says: “Steve Almond calls nonfiction ‘a radically subjective account of events that objectively took place.’

That radically subjective space is where the magic happens. 

Send us the stories you can’t stop telling. Send us that thing that happened that you could write six different ways and never run out of ideas. Send us the secret that keeps you up every night. Send us the memory that you’ve looked at from every angle and then crushed with a rock to see what it’s made of. Send us trauma. Send us heartbreak. Send us funny. Send us sweetness. Send us you.”


Send us one (yes, just one) poem. Please do not send us more than one poem. Send your best poem, but only one. We mean it. 

Poetry Editor Marianne Chan says: “I’m looking to read poems I wish I had written, poems that make me want to clutch my collar and scream. I pay special attention to poems that force readers to question the meaning of poetry; work that is unafraid of the apocalypse, landfills, Britney Spears, the oceanic sublime, bodily fluids, and dating apps; and writing that reaches us through the ear, mouth, nose as well as the eye.”

Photography and Art 

We feature one image on our image every month. Send us one high-resolution image or a link to your portfolio. 

Interviews and Reviews

Interviews and reviews create a context for literature and fan the flames of the conversation that has been kindled on the page. If you have found a book that deserves all the oxygen it can get, a book that yearns to reach its broadest possible audience, and you want to review that book for our magazine, send a query to Likewise, if you want to interview an author whose work has lit you on fire, and you have a legitimate way to reach that person, send us a query. Be sure to tell us why you, in particular, are the one for the job. We are emphatically biased toward work and authors whose work has been published by an independent press.