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Painting the Portrait Workshop

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Painting the Portrait Workshop



Instructors Naomi Marino and Jay Blums

August 6 – 10 and August 13 – 17

Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm

Working in one of the most enjoyable and satisfying genres of painting, we will learn traditional oil painting techniques for capturing a likeness, mood, and character. working from a live model.

This class is perfect for beginners, but also offers a supportive environment for more experienced painters to hone their skills.

Class overview:

  • Techniques of compartive measuring for capturing an accurate likeness at any scale
    Breaking down a complex image into several manageable discreet steps
    Understanding color, including how to use value, chroma, and hue changes to enhance realism
    Creating the illusion of detail without losing the big picture
    Pigment selection, setting a palette and how to mix color with control and confidence
    Setting a pose and lighting the model
    Photographing the model
    Using photo software to provide flexibility and control over your reference images
  • Jay and Naomi trained in the acclaimed Angel Academy, Florence. Please visit their profile page on our web site for more information on our instructors.