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Piano Lesson Teachers and Assistants

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Piano Lesson Teachers and Assistants


Move Over Mozart is a piano learning program in 45 schools in SONOMA COUNTY with over 1000 kids enrolled.

“M.O.M.” was established in 1988 with the mission of providing affordable and accessible piano lessons to children.

We are in need of piano lesson assistants as well as lead piano teachers.

Piano Assistants read directions to the 4 children who are working in their theory books while the head piano teacher listens to each child play their lesson book assignment.

It is mainly beginning piano students and lessons take place in the afternoon.

You can be in high school to apply for the piano assistant position.

More information about our piano program is available at

Piano lessons start the end of September and run through May with 2 weeks off for Christmas and one week off for Spring break.

Please call asap if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to enrich children’s lives through music.

Lynn Fleck
Move Over Mozart
(707) 824-0307